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    There are many advantages to using a bottleless water cooler instead of a traditional one.

    Advantages of Using Bottleless Water

    • No Lifting Bottles
    • More Storage Space
    • Advanced Technology - Great Taste
    • No Wiping or Disinfecting When Bottle is Changed
    • Water Filtered All the Time - Never Runs Out
    • Freshness All Enclosed (No Hands Handle It)
    • Fewer Water Spills
    • As Your Company Grows - No Additional Bottles
    • Substantial Savings - 30% or More

    Disadvantages of Bottle Coolers

    • Physical Lifting of Bottles
    • No Room to Store Bottles
    • Possibility of Dropping Bottles
    • Cleaning Up Spilled Messes
    • Are your coolers being disenfected on a regular basis?
    • As Company Grows You Will Need More Bottles = More $$